Make Your Autumn Wedding Extraordinary!

Mmm, autumn is right around the corner and I can already smell the apple cider and pumpkin spice lattes. There is something special about this time of year, when the leaves begin to take beautiful hues of oranges, reds and yellows; and when the air becomes brisk and full of the harvest scent.

To me, autumn has always been my favorite season, not for those reasons alone but for the feeling of warmth and smell of comfort. And I am not alone when I say autumn is most favored, in fact according to The Knot, September is the most popular month in the entire year for weddings to take place, and October being ranked the third most favored month.

Picture courtesy to Google Images

Picture courtesy to Google Images

With all of what autumn has to bring to the table, it is easy for any bride to take advantage and use these elements to push her wedding from ordinary to extraordinary. If you are a bride considering the fall season to be married in, here are some great ideas to take full advantage of this time of year:

The Flowers

The most popular seasonal flowers that blossom this time of year include the montbretia, hypericum, mums, sunflowers, roses, and daisies. And if you want to give your flower arrangements an extra-oomph of that warm autumn feeling, try including apples, cranberries, or pears. To your bouquet you could add wheat, or even the natural colored leaves of fall to add texture to any flower you pick. If you are on a budget, you could save a lot of money just by going out and collecting the beautiful falling leaves right on your doorstep! You could not only use these natural hued leaves for your own arrangements, but you could use them instead of flower pedals for the flower girl to toss. Also, if you are getting married outdoors, you could line the isle with these leaves so that when you come walking down, you can hear the gentle brush and crunch of the leaves beneath your feet. Can you just imagine how glorious of a wedding that could be? It would be stunning with all the colors!

The Color Themes

The most popular colors that go along with the nature of fall are eggplant purple, rich browns, cream, terra cotta, and cobalt blue. Here are some ideas for color themes that go great together:

The Gown

Ah yes, the most important element for the bride is her gown. Naturally, most ladies already have something planned for what she would like to wear on her special day, although I may suggest that if you would like to really make a stunning statement with your gown in a fall-themed wedding, go with an off-white or creme colored gown. To go a step beyond just the color of the gown, you could also incorporate brown beading into the lace of your gown or add a simple gold ribbon around your waist to add that simple yet amazing touch of fall to your look. Also, consider that since the fall nights do get brisk that your gown comes with a wrap for your bare shoulders.

The Decor

This is where a bride can get truly creative and save a lot of money, by using autumns natural decorations! A few paragraphs up, I wrote about using the changing leaves as flower decor, but there is so much more you can use. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowin’:

– Use apples as floating devices for candle holders –

– Give your guests the ultimate scent of autumn with autumn spiced candles, colored in fall colors –

– Line your reception doors with tall corn stalks or wheat –

– Decorate tables with fall fruits, gourds, and mini pumpkins –

– For favors for your guests, you could use caramel apples (that you can make yourself!) wrapped in a clear wrap and tied with a fall-colored ribbon –

– Getting married outdoors? Line each row of chairs your guests will sit in with french pails full with fall flowers, or wheat –

– Use real tree branches in any of your settings, simply take off the leaves and presto! –

Picture courtesy to Google Images

Picture courtesy to Google Images

Yes, I am very excited for autumn to come and for the changes in season to begin! Just writing this article is making me wish I could be outside jumping in all of those crunching colored leaves! Now, where is that apple cider…

God bless,

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