2014 LP Intern opportunity!




Lindley’s Photography is gearing up for an exciting 2014 summer and fall wedding season and we are searching for an intern!


We are in search of an LP sidekick (three actually!), our extra sets of hands, support, and assistance during the incredible weddings we have the honor of photographing! These interns will be assisting us throughout a wedding day (from start to finish). If you or someone you know would be a good candidate for this internship, we would love to hear from you

So, here is what we are looking for…

~ Someone confident, professional yet personable to represent our company and who will be excited to work along side us at weddings (the days can be quite long!)

~ Someone who is a problem solver who, with poise and a smile and can accomplish the tasks at hand even when they require being quick on your feet and quick thinking (it’s a wedding day, we don’t get re-dos!)

~ Someone detail oriented and who comes into each wedding day ready for anything (we are serious, ANYthing!)

~ Someone who has a friendly, approachable demeanor that will put wedding guests, the bridal party, and family members at ease (this is so important to our company, we love the REAL smiles most!)

~ A recent college grad or current student interested in a future in the wedding industry. This is not simply a photography internship; the more you get to know our company you will understand that what we offer goes beyond the pictures. (This may mean fluffing a wedding dress, locating a missing family member for formals, etc!)

Now let us tell you what you’ll be doing…

Interns will assist photographers throughout a wedding day, typically from start to finish. Tasks could include:

Assisting with transporting and looking after photography equipment.

Assisting with the organization of family members and Bridal Party for formal photos (this is where a great personality and confidence will for sure come into play!)

Relaying messages and information between photographers.

If you think this sounds like a ton of fun (and it will be!), AND you think you fit the position well, please reach out to us!

The majority of our weddings take place on a Saturday, and we’ll need firm commitments for these dates. However, we’re looking to find a small group of interns who will share the responsibility, rotating weekends, therefore leaving each intern several weekends off throughout the year.  This will be a part time internship position that we hope can turn into a long term working relationship with our Team!

To apply to be a 2014 intern send us an email at lindleysphotographystudios@gmail.com with “2014 INTERN” as the subject. Include the following:

1. Resume and a short email telling us why you think you’re a great fit for this internship, including what your aspirations are within the wedding industry and what your goals are for your career, even outside the wedding industry.

Our team at Lindley’s Photography takes what we do very seriously. We have a passion for weddings and we work really hard to ensure we stay at the top of our game every single Saturday! Please take a moment before hitting “send” to make SURE you are very serious too! If you think you are, we can’t wait to hear from you soon!